Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Stings, a Tough Kid, and Bailey the Ripper

It's been a while since I wrote about DC Universe Online, and to be honest, my interests in DCUO outside of my regularly scheduled Sunday night game with Team Spode has been minimal lately. I did think the other day to myself, "I miss playing DCUO with Bailey." (Except, well, I thought Bailey's real name not her online persona name, but you get the gist.) Bailey and I have played tons more of DCUO than we should have, and it's been an absolute blast. Bailey loves the game more than I do to be honest, which is rare to see happen. When she grabs on to a game, she REALLY grabs on to a game and plays it to the ground. :)

Anyway, I chimed in on a discussion happening over Twitter yesterday about a group of fun people turning their attention toward DCUO (and specifically John Lifeglen), and I couldn't help myself from speaking up. If there's a group of people I love playing MMOs with, it's people that have or are currently playing Wizard101, and the crew from Spiral Radio love their games.

So, here's a breakdown on my characters in DCUO

First up is Stingheal. I've talked about him plenty in the past, so I don't think I'll rehash much about his background or whatnot . . . needless to say, he's Team Spode's main healer. I'm a Sorcery hero sporting lizard skin because that's how I roll.

As you can see from the pictures above his CR is 97 with a Restoration score of 2800+ and is sitting on 28,000+ marks . . . I need to spend a few of those toward style feats!

Next is Tough Kid, my Nature DPS villian. Tough Kid was birthed from a funny set of exchanges where I was to play a character named Tough Kid, Bailey was to play a character named Super Tough Chick, and another of our friends was to play another character named Super Tough Kid. Don't ask . . . it was funny at the time. Anyway, Tough Kid made it the farthest out of anyone in that group as Bailey was too into her other characters (but now that I think about it, Super Tough Chick did make it to 30. I'd have to double check that.)

Again, as you can see from the pics, TK's CR is 95 with a Might Score in the 2000's . . . and is sitting on 3000 marks or so. I think my favorite way to play TK is as a healer in DPS gear. ;)

But enough about me . . . let's take a peek at Bailey's characters! (Shh, she doesn't know I'm sharing!)

This is the infamous Ripper Bailey!

Whew a CR 101 mentalist villain controller with a vit solidly in the 2000's and just rocking in every way. She's the best character in our arsenal and has well over 100 skill points. Bailey has put the time and effort into this character, and it really shows.

And this beauty here is Stingharm--definitely the love interest of Stingheal.*eyebrows*

A CR 87 Quantum hero DPS build, with a fun story! Stingharm came about initially as a joke because the name Stingheal was so lame and Spode made a random joke one night that I should make a DPS named Stingharm. This played to our advantage in Team Spode as Kaptain KY, our DPS, had some personal matters to attend to and had to take a break from the Sunday Night game. Bailey and I tag team played Stingharm up to CR 70+ in the matter of two weeks,and it was probably the most awesome accomplishment I think we had ever pulled off in that short of time in DCUO. It really showed how important hitting those raids are to get marks. They really help.

And that's a quick look at our DCUO characters. We've had countless hours of fun with this game, and it's pretty great.

Happy Dueling!

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