Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's up Slaya?

If you're a reader of Tipa's blog, you'll already be familiar with our Sunday night group's forays into Dungeons and Dragons Online. We have a very cool ragtag group that consists of me (a halfling sorcerer . . . lovingly called a "gnome" by the rest of the group--Gleek Wondertwin to you, thank you), Spode (the human paladin), Ophiga (the drow rogue), Ulan (the human Favored Soul), and now Shyadaren (new to the group cleric and still catching up).

Outside of Sundays we all dabble here and there and solo mostly or play together if one of us is online. nothing serious.

Our most recent adventures have been in 3-barrel cove, a wonderful pirate-laden expansion full of . . . pirates . . . AND PIRATE SHIPS! This sky pirate ship has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in game yet.

I freaking love that ship. I can't get enough screenshots of it, actually.

Seriously, that's so beyond awesome . . . like more awesome than the mechanical spider in Wild Wild West. ;-)

And once you make you're way up to the sky pirate ship, there's always a good handful of pirates to soak with an acid blast or two or three or four.

Easy come, easy go, those pirates. And once you've off'd them all, you are given this most magnificent wallpaper shot of the ship as a kind of side reward . . . as long as you dare walk the plank and spin the camera to take it. :-)

Yes, my feather fall cloak was ready at a moment's notice.

All this pirate killing finally paid off this morning as I hit the max number of pirates you can kill for experience in the zone . . .

We have a saying in the group whenever you hit the next level of slayer in an adventure zone that definitely is apropos here: "WHAT'S UP SLAYA!"

DING, Level 7.

Looks like the joys of fireball are all mine now. From my initial casts of fireball I have to say THAT IT ROCKS! It's incredibly spendy and addictive. It eats through my mana like nothing. I'm definitely going to have to put my fireball in check on Sunday nights.


Catch you on the flip side.