Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's up Slaya?

If you're a reader of Tipa's blog, you'll already be familiar with our Sunday night group's forays into Dungeons and Dragons Online. We have a very cool ragtag group that consists of me (a halfling sorcerer . . . lovingly called a "gnome" by the rest of the group--Gleek Wondertwin to you, thank you), Spode (the human paladin), Ophiga (the drow rogue), Ulan (the human Favored Soul), and now Shyadaren (new to the group cleric and still catching up).

Outside of Sundays we all dabble here and there and solo mostly or play together if one of us is online. nothing serious.

Our most recent adventures have been in 3-barrel cove, a wonderful pirate-laden expansion full of . . . pirates . . . AND PIRATE SHIPS! This sky pirate ship has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in game yet.

I freaking love that ship. I can't get enough screenshots of it, actually.

Seriously, that's so beyond awesome . . . like more awesome than the mechanical spider in Wild Wild West. ;-)

And once you make you're way up to the sky pirate ship, there's always a good handful of pirates to soak with an acid blast or two or three or four.

Easy come, easy go, those pirates. And once you've off'd them all, you are given this most magnificent wallpaper shot of the ship as a kind of side reward . . . as long as you dare walk the plank and spin the camera to take it. :-)

Yes, my feather fall cloak was ready at a moment's notice.

All this pirate killing finally paid off this morning as I hit the max number of pirates you can kill for experience in the zone . . .

We have a saying in the group whenever you hit the next level of slayer in an adventure zone that definitely is apropos here: "WHAT'S UP SLAYA!"

DING, Level 7.

Looks like the joys of fireball are all mine now. From my initial casts of fireball I have to say THAT IT ROCKS! It's incredibly spendy and addictive. It eats through my mana like nothing. I'm definitely going to have to put my fireball in check on Sunday nights.


Catch you on the flip side.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recent World of Warcraft Promotions (2010)

Just wanted to post a couple WoW things that caught my eye today.

1- I got a note that we should be watching the upcoming Dallas v. Vikings game. Here's the announcement from Blizzard:
"This Sunday, during the Dallas Cowboys versus Minnesota Vikings NFL game on Fox (starts at 4:15 PM EDT, 1:15 PM PDT), we are debuting a new television commercial for World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion. The commercial will feature the first look at cinematic footage from Cataclysm, so tune in to an exciting game this Sunday and catch the new commercial!"
Awesome. I can't wait to see that one! I'm not a big football fan, but I kind of wanted to see that game anyway (side bet going on with my Father-in-Law).

2- It just caught my eye that Tenacious D is going to be performing at Blizzcon. If you go to the main World of Warcraft site, you'll see a big huge-onic ad about it. Um, like this even:


Friday, April 9, 2010

Fiesta, a genuine assault on cuteness

It’s a Fiesta!

No, not that kind of fiesta, kooky! This kind of Fiesta!

Yup, I’ve been playing another F2P MMO on the side these days (aside from the aside of DDO), called Fiesta! Check me out, I'm partying like it's 1999 at my groovy player housing.

What to say about Fiesta. Hmmm. So far (I've only been casually playing this now for about 3 weeks) Fiesta is this kind of assault on cuteness that’s, let’s just say it, a watered-down WoW Clone with a nod to Lineage II and some heavy heavy anime art stylings going on. That's about as best as I can describe it with my MMO knowledge.

Fiesta found me through an article in Beckett’s MMO Magazine where, aside from an article describing the fun community in Fiesta, they offered up a free piƱata mount for 15 days. Oh heck YA, I was all over that!

I can’t tell you how heartbroken I am now that my little Fiesta mount is gone. T.T

Truth be known my wife teased me about him relentlessly, but then again, she teases me about my alternative mount (and pretty much every aspect of this game) anyway.

Yes, that is a hobby horse right there . . . I TOLD YOU THIS GAME IS AN ASSAULT ON CUTENESS! Case in point, here’s a battery of the monsters I’ve been up against so far: Slimes(with smiles), imps, mushrooms, wooden puppet men (and women), turtles, floating kitty things, pixies, and pirates. That’s just insane! I mean look at this fashion pirate here:

Ok, ok . . . there's also been ratmen, boarmen, lizardmen, crabs, and KING crabs for mean looking value, but I'd say I've been assaulting more cuteness than meanness. I love it though. I’m thinking back to my first 16 levels of Everquest back in the day and it was like rats, bats, orcs, and skeletons. BORING! This is where’s it’s at, yo!

Still, my wife does make fun of me for playing this. That's a big mental challenge there. I hate to be made fun of by the boss. When I play, sometimes she'll psychically summon up castanets out of the air and dance behind me with a clicking rhythm. It's a huge taunt. Thanks wife. Thanks for ruining the mood here. ;-)

So, hi, I'm stingite and this is my guy:

He's a mage. He rocks the big damage. Whereas the other classes might hack away at something, This mage here kills stuff in 2-4 spells. The only other class I've really played is a cleric and maybe just dabbled a bit with the fighter and archer. That's it though. There's only four classes. I imagine that the goal here is to one day look as cool as this guy, and I'm good with that:

Ok, so what do I really know know about this game so far (not much):

- Pro-Tip 1: Turn that music OFF! It immediately made my ears angry. Some of the funkier music in the later areas has been “ok,” but it did nothing for my immersion into the game.

- Pro-Tip 2: use the Home key to go into your home after every fight until your skills regenerate. I probably look pretty stupid to some popping into my house after every fight concludes, but it’s saved me on potions and stones. Word. I’m in no rush. And, in case you don't know, your home is a little mushroom hut that's an amazing assault on cuteness, yup.

- Pro-Tip 3: If you're a mage, pull with your ice spell. I chose a mage obviously. The ice spell snares the mob a touch, so it takes them just *that* much longer to get to me.

- Pro-Tip 4: quests don’t always neatly stack your scrolls into nice organized piles. You’ll want to look into your bags and click those scrolls and drop them into a nice pile every once in a while.

- Pro-Tip 5: Did I say scrolls? I did! There’s scrolls that will help you get back to town. It’s a time saver. There are also scrolls to boost your hitpoints and mana that you can get from quests. These can be incredibly helpful at early levels to have these “buffs” on you. Everybody does better when they’re fighting with buffs on. It’ll definitely help you survive when you have to fight higher level monsters.

- Pro-Tip 6: leave a finger over the potion button and the health stone. You can use these together if needed, just remember that the health potions you can gulp quickly in succession, but the stones take a couple seconds to regenerate.

- Pro-Tip 7: If you learn a new skill, be sure to dump the old skill from your quick slot bar and drag the new skill on to the bar. They made it so you can have varying power levels of spells at your fingertips for the truly anal player, but I’m just going to guess that most of us aren’t that anal. You don’t want to be casting a lower power spell when you really are thinking you have a new power spell inherently. It just doesn’t work like that.

- Pro-Tip 8: Power up your weapons! There’s this really kind of odd mechanic in game where you can power up your weapons through runes and badges. In a way you can create a completely customizable weapon. From everything the game seems to be telling me, you can’t really destroy a weapon with runes at early levels, so go crazy. But at later levels you could destroy your uber weapon by trying to “rune it up” with power too much. The badges are like customizing the weapon to be more deadly to certain types of mobs. This seems perfect for grinding runs. If you know you’re going to kill a bajillion pirates, you might as well make your weapon into a pirate killer by using a pirate badge.

- Pro-Tip 9: if you're riding a hobby horse, you make them go faster by buying floatation stones, which is an expendable power source that makes your horse go. You can buy it at the same place you bought your horse.

-Pro-Tip 10: There are raids for lower level characters!

OH MY GOODNESS, YES THERE IS! There's a King Slime quest you can go on. I have only managed to join in on one of these with my cleric so far, and it was . . . awesome. Pretty much all I did was sit back and heal people . . . a lot. The tanks were up front and that's where they should be. I took one hit during the raid, and i died. Somehow I managed to be rezzed or something, and I continued on. At the end of the lowbie raid there, I got a snazzy tuxedo for my efforts. This apparently only lasts 30 days. I'll take it! It just equips in a little appearance slot off to the side, and I don't have to worry about stitching it to clothing or anything.

And that’s about all I got on this game at this point. I’m only level 18 so far on my mage and level 8 on my cleric, so I’m very much a noob considering there are at least 100 levels to earn, but you’ll also be happy to know that I have yet to spend a dime (or a nickle or a penny) on this game! So far, it’s been absolutely free! That REALLY appeals to the 1/16 Scotch blood in me.

What concerns me though is that there was a review I read somewhere on the net (man I wish I could find this review to link you to it) where they cautioned many many many things about this game and pretty much thrashed it as hard as an MMO could be thrashed. It seemed jaded. I hate when people are like that, but from that review apparently Fiesta can get pretty addicting, and in the later levels the cash shop (where Outspark makes their money) almost becomes a necessity to survive. They actually made it sound like you could end up paying 1,000’s of dollars in cash shop items for this hobby. Hmm. I truly hope it isn’t like that, but I probably won't even make it that far in this game.

Stingite just wants to have a little Fiesta! That's all.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snubbed in DDO!

You may have been reading Tipa’s DDO commentary (scroll about half-way down) over on West Karana . . . or not . . . but I just want to point out THAT SHE PRETTY MUCH ENTIRELY FAILS TO MENTION ME EVER! *snubbed*

Here I am trying to gain some quasi-fame through Tipa’s blog and all I get is like a line here and there every other MONTH. LAME! Most of her posts should read something like this.

“Stingite was doing these awesome jumps behind us that really made me hawt, but I was trying to concentrate on healing. I just love when Stingite unleashes five burning hands spells in a row, and I have to dump all my mana on him because it’s so worth it to keep him alive and that empty feeling I have when I’m done is the same kind of pit of love I fall into when I listen to Justin Beiber. Stingite, you complete me!”

Stuff like that. Stuff like these guys give me.

But do you know what I get instead? “Tony dinged 5 . . .” Yeah, right. “STINGITE dinged 5 . . .” She totally got that one wrong. AND to make things even more suspicious she keeps claiming that Tony (A Canadian mind you) sounds like me (from the western US) over vent. Yeah, it’s intentional snubbing. I don’t buy it.

It’s ok Tipa, I’ll still be jumping around and casting burning hands for you . . . just know that now I’m going to be counter-reporting your Sunday posts so as to tell THE TRUTH! (which of course is that without “me” this Sunday night game would just be “awe so” instead of “awesome.” Word.

/tries to target Tipa and fails


“Stingite hugs the air around him”


You there?