Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'd rather be playing Monster Galaxy . . .

"I'd rather be playing Monster Galaxy . . ." was exactly what I Twittered yesterday morning, but no one responded, so I figured I'd better inform you all that, Oh dang, there's a new Facebook game that's got me! Yes, yes . . . it's a strange path my Facebook game addictions. While steering clear of the Farmville and Farmville knock offs, lessee, I've played some game about Heroes, Oregon Trail, a vampire slayer game, a couple pet dragon games, a spore game, Bejewelled, and now . . . MONSTER GALAXY!

I actually didn't know this game was a Facebook game when I first read about it in the most recent edition of Beckett's Fun Online Games magazine (the one with Monkey Quest splattered all over it), but following the link provided in the magazine led me to log in to Facebook and before you know it, I'm spamming the world with Monster Galaxy requests.

I provide this link to you with much trepidation: click! (OH DANG, I followed my own link and got sucked in again! Back to the blog post)

Let me just cut to the chase: It's like Pokemon, but they're called Mogas. Need there be any other reason to play? Actually, it has decent music, a fun combat system based on opposing zodiac symbols, cute characters, a social hook, and some strange humor ala Gaia Online.

When you start, you pick a Zodiac symbol and then get a starter Moga based around that. I chose Leo, and out of the three choices placed in front of me because I chose Leo, I went with the Radiojack here (which I named Stingite of course . . . )

My Radiojack is napping right now to heal up since he's a little damaged. Napping is essential after a lot of battling. There is a catch though: the more you nap and the higher the level you are, the longer it takes to heal your Moga through napping. OR, you could just use a blue coffee and heal your Moga up instantly! Be careful, those blue coffee from the associated cash shop are addicting!

Here's all my Moga hanging out at my home. I've managed to accumulate a herd of 22 Moga so far . . . and growing!

The game has a quest system to it that allows you to earn things like blue coffee and star seeds (star seeds are like poke balls) as a reward for finishing the quest. Here at the beginning, most quests are all about catching Moga, but I'm starting to get quests that seem to be about meeting strange characters and helping them out. "Strange characters?" you ask?

Yes, Sheep guy has compromising photos . . . I'd normally avoid a guy like this out in public because of his lack of a shirt and hand-hooves, but the reward was too nice to pass by (um, think it was pretty much a requirement to help Sheep guy out to progress in the storyline anyway ;)).

I love those Starseeds! Can't get enough of them! Again, star seeds are available in the cash shop, but I'm a dirty free to player who doesn't have a lot of cash ;).

The Woolfe that Sheep guy needed me to fight wasn't too bad, and the battle went by so quickly that I didn't even think to get a screen capture. Whoops! Woolfe just looked like a wolf in sheep's clothing. WOOLFE! CLEVER NAME!

Anyway, I won't spoil the surprise on what Sheep guy's incriminating photos looked like (yes, you get to see them), but I will let you in on his scary post-threat.

OH MY WORD, SHEEP SKELETONIZING! Now that's a scary thought. LOL. Like I said, strange humor here.

Let me know if you start playing this game and like it or have any tips to share. It seems pretty straight-forward and my kids think it's fun, which is the most important thing.


Happy dueling!