Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snubbed in DDO!

You may have been reading Tipa’s DDO commentary (scroll about half-way down) over on West Karana . . . or not . . . but I just want to point out THAT SHE PRETTY MUCH ENTIRELY FAILS TO MENTION ME EVER! *snubbed*

Here I am trying to gain some quasi-fame through Tipa’s blog and all I get is like a line here and there every other MONTH. LAME! Most of her posts should read something like this.

“Stingite was doing these awesome jumps behind us that really made me hawt, but I was trying to concentrate on healing. I just love when Stingite unleashes five burning hands spells in a row, and I have to dump all my mana on him because it’s so worth it to keep him alive and that empty feeling I have when I’m done is the same kind of pit of love I fall into when I listen to Justin Beiber. Stingite, you complete me!”

Stuff like that. Stuff like these guys give me.

But do you know what I get instead? “Tony dinged 5 . . .” Yeah, right. “STINGITE dinged 5 . . .” She totally got that one wrong. AND to make things even more suspicious she keeps claiming that Tony (A Canadian mind you) sounds like me (from the western US) over vent. Yeah, it’s intentional snubbing. I don’t buy it.

It’s ok Tipa, I’ll still be jumping around and casting burning hands for you . . . just know that now I’m going to be counter-reporting your Sunday posts so as to tell THE TRUTH! (which of course is that without “me” this Sunday night game would just be “awe so” instead of “awesome.” Word.

/tries to target Tipa and fails


“Stingite hugs the air around him”


You there?


  1. Who ARE you? ;)

    Well, for your information, I am slightly autistic, and have trouble identifying people by voice or faces. I had to have speech therapy through middle school just to learn to talk so people could understand me.

    It's not you, it's me!

    To be honest, it's hard to follow what is going on in DDO anyway.

    Grats on 5!

  2. Oh dang! Lol here I am trying to start a play fight with you ... See you Sunday, Tipa! Maybe I'll put an effects box on my mic and try to sound more robotic. ;)