Friday, June 28, 2013

Clownvanity vs . . . Clownvanity!

Pulled this awesome cosmetic prize out of the vault today. :)

Imagine my surprise when the very same day, my Ace Chemical's Daily quest was this one. :)

So, to catch up, I'm sitting at CR86 now with a whole set of green gear. I've been steering away from the four player missions, but I've been debating giving them a spin. I'm really in no hurry to increase my CR at this point.

The single player Tier 5 missions are a bit of a bear to deal with, mainly because it takes you completely out of your comfort zone and gives you a whole new look, a whole new set of powers, and the bosses are heavy on the hitpoints. Of course, timing your blocks, rolling around, and using soder colas and heal barrels at the right time works wonders for helping make this a little easier.

On the Huntress mission you face off against three bosses and have a bit of rudimentary sneaking around to do. I failed against Cassamento the first time around, so I've been opting to let him live and cross my fingers while hoping Hush or Killer Croc show up as the alternate boss. If the alternate boss is Bane or Scarecrow, well . . . good luck. Definitely knowing how to use dual pistol combos is a blessing in this instance.

On the Bizarro mission you again face three bosses and just smash the heck out of stuff. As always, the rule is that you take out the easy adds before you move on to the boss. I really don't have too much trouble with this instance except for the final robot. Oh my . . . he's frustrating. I've never been able to just straight up fight him without running away for a bit to heal up and come back for more. Even more frustrating I've had the boss reset on me while I was hiding. You just can't let him get too far away from you and drop agro for a long time.

Annnnnnd . . . that's what I've been doing on DCUO for the most part! Our Sunday night group keeps plugging away but the universe keeps trying to stop us in our tracks with afk's, vacations, and real life. NO FAIR UNIVERSE!

OH! And one final thing . . . Fisherman Gear!

Happy Dueling

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