Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shot through the heart . . . and DCUO is to blame

I loaded up Marvel Heroes a couple days ago when it launched, and played through the first level. It was reasonably fun and very much everything everyone has said about the game . . . Diablo meets superheroes. If that's your thing, you'll dig this game.

My wife showed some initial interest, even overlooking the isometric view, and that made me kind of excited! Unfortunately when she found out you really couldn't fly around and make your own personalized character, she was instantly lost. I believe the direct quote was, "This is just another one of those dumb games your group can play for free on Sunday nights."

. . . and she left the room.

. . . and she was back to DCUO . . . as was I! I can't get enough of DCUO lately! Earlier this morning I crafted my first rank four mod. Check it out.

Oh man that 12 Exobytes component is a lot of flying around and collecting little glowing bits around the world.

It did manage to bring my total CR up to 81 this morning. I'm getting ever closer to the magical CR 84. I think it's eventually all going to come down to these augments to push me over the edge. What happens at the magical CR 84? I open up the next tier of missions in the On Duty menu of course! Yay!

Lately it seems like all the action in the game is taking place in the CR 94+ area of the game. I keep seeing shouts of higher geared players looking for "nexus" groups. I'd look up what that means, but for now I'm just happy grinding away on my Steelworks missions.

Shot through the heart, and DCUO's to blame . . .

I also spent some time last night completing a bunch of Tier 3 two-player missions with my good buddy Tony.

Tony and I have been gaming together for years. To think we met in Everquest well over 10 years ago . . . whoa *time warp jazz hands*. Anyway, he rose about 4 CR last night and we raked in about 350 Marks. Good times!

Happy Dueling

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